What Causes Ear Infection Pain?

If you have pain when you have an ear infection, then it means that it is more likely to be a middle ear infection. The pain is caused because blockage of the tube which drains the middle ear causes pus or fluid to build up. This results in pressure which stretches the ear drum. This is a very thin layer of skin which has many nerves in it and so is sensitive. Stretching causes severe pain, if the pressure builds up enough the drum can burst. This can be even more painful but relieves the pressure. This also relieves the pain. There may be blood and discharge from the ear accompanying this.

Outer ear infection, also known as swimmer's ear or otitis externa tends to be less painful for us. It is usually more irritating or sore. The problem is caused by inflammation and infection of the skin of the outer part of the ear. This is the part that you can see on the outside as well as the canal.

It can be set off by swimming which is why it is often called swimmer's ear. Chemicals in the water as well as the water itself can cause the skin to break down. The underlying part of the skin becomes swollen and sore. Pain can also occur.

If you have an ear problem make sure you visit your doctor. This article does not count as medical advice.

Dr Toby Bateson for www.zenplugs.com