What Is CE EN 352-2 2002?

What Is CE EN 352-2 2002?

What Is CE EN 352-2 2002?

CE EN 352-2 2002 is the Personal Protective Equipment Standard which applies to earmuffs, ear plugs and ear defenders for use in areas with noise levels which could be damaging to hearing and lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

There are particular requirements for design, construction, marking and instructions and user information. Sound attenuation abilities are highly important and are measured according to EN 24869-1.

Tested to CE EN 352-2 2002, ZenPlugs PPE Ear Plugs meet the stringent criteria laid out for ear plugs by CEN's Technical Committee. If you are wondering what is CE EN 352-2 2002, the criteria and results are as follows;

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Markings. Packaging and product include information on whether disposable or re-usable, extensive fitting instructions and left and right differentiation. The European Standard EN 352-2:2002 is also listed. The sound attenuation values are included, as are cleaning and disinfection instructions. Warnings are included that instructions must be followed correctly and plugs always worn in noisy environments. Pass.

Attenuation. Sound attenuation was assessed in lab conditions by human subjects. SNR = 22. Pass.

Frequency (Hz)                                             63           125         250        500      1000      2000     4000     8000
Mean Attenuation                                      22.3         22.1       21.6       20.5      23.6       30.8       35.4       30.6
Standard Deviation                                    4.5             4          4.9          5.2         5.5          4.8           5.2            8
Assumed Protection (dB)                        17.8         18.1       16.7        15.3        18.1         26          30.2        22.6
Minimum Permitted Level (dB)               -               5             8            10           12           12             12            12


Drop Testing. The plugs were dropped and no damage occurred. Pass.

Ignitability. A heated rod was applied and ignition did not occur. Pass.

Materials. Allergic reactions and irritation did not occur. Resistance to sweat and ear wax was noted. Pass.

Construction. User safety was confirmed and no likelihood of injury from the plugs was present. Ease of removal was observed. Pass.

Cleaning And Disinfection. Plugs were assessed for physical alteration after disinfection; none occurred. Pass.

Each ear-plug set contains the following items: a pair of ready-to-mould ear-plugs, a spare ear plug, a handle with float, a pair of screws with connecting cord. A sachet of petroleum jelly and a set of user instructions.

Full test documentation is available.