What Makes My Earphones Fall Out And Hurt All The Time?

What Makes My Earphones Fall Out And Hurt All The Time?

What Makes My Earphones Fall Out And Hurt All The Time?

It is a common complaint that in-the-ear earbuds and earphones hurt and fall out all the time. They don't stay in the ears, falling out often.   There are several reasons for this.

- The 'one-size-will-fit-all' approach doesn't work well. It tends to be more of a case of 'one-size-will-fit-none'.  This is because everyone's ear canals are different shapes and sizes.

- The rounded nature of the earbuds tends to create pressure points in the bony ear canal. This causes discomfort.

- People often use them whilst exercising, jogging or in the gym. During physical activity the MP3 player will bounce, tugging on the earphones and pulling them out of the ears.

- Whilst exercising, the ears become sweaty, lubing the earphones then helping them slip out of your ears.

So what is the solution?

Moulded earphones are individually custom fitted to your ears so fit like the well-known key in a lock.  This makes them sublimely comfortable and keeps them in your ears.  ZenPlugs Moulded Earphones Kit assists you in making your own moulded earphones in your own home in a few minutes. This saves plenty of time and money compared with visiting your friendly but expensive audiologist. Buy a pair now and stop the pain and irritation of your earphones hurting and falling out.

People who listen to music using earphones and headphones may find that their ears become sore or in fact itchy if they use them often or for a long time. There are two reasons for this;

1) Earphones are a great breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

2) Covering the opening of your ear canal prevents it ventilating and sweat, moisture and heat may accumulate.

The moisture softens the skin, allowing the bacteria to penetrate, causing itching, soreness and infection; swimmers's ear. The moisture and heat also encourages the bacteria and fungi to grow. Later signs of infection include redness, discharge, pain and muffled hearing from blocked ears.

So what's the solution? ZenPlugs ZenPods Custom Earphones from their website allow you to make individually moulded earphone adpators at home in a few minutes. They are fitted to your ears so are comfortable and reduce sound leakage, improving sound quality, bass and midrange volume. Because they are shaped to each ear there are no pressure areas to cause discomfort; the load of the earphone is spread over a larger area. They also contain Steritouch, a silver-based compound which kills bacteria and fungi for the life of the product. They are simple to make, as you can see here on the demonstration video.

Toby Bateson