What To Take To A Desert Island Paradise

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs have a multitude of uses, as Dr Toby Bateson describes in his latest video. In it he tells us the features of the ear plugs he developed, along with the range of uses the ear plugs are ideal for.

You are heading off to a tropical desert island and can take only one item with you. Here's my advice on what to take to a desert island paradise. 

I would take my trusty ZenPlugs Molded Earplugs. Here are the two reasons for this. Firstly, I have learnt that tropical islands are noisy at night. This is due to the tropical storms that batter the palm trees. As well as this there is the screeching of the insects and squawking of the birds. I wouldn't get any sleep without my lovely comfortable earplugs in my ears. ZenPlugs have been designed to be comfortable whilst lying on your side. This makes them ideal for use whilst sleeping. They don't protrude from my ears and so are still comfortable even when rolling over. This means I won't be woken by ear pain.

The second reason is to prevent Mediterranean ear.
This is a sore, itchy ear caused by the sweat you create whilst in a hot country. ZenPlugs are antibacterial, so will kill all the bacteria that lead to ear infections. The other malady they prevent is swimmer's ear. There is not much to do on a desert island. When I'm not foraging for food or gathering wood for the fire I would be swimming in the cool lagoon. Whilst this would be lovely, it would put me at risk of developing an ear infection. There are no antibiotics on desert islands so I would be glad of my antibacterial earplugs.

If I was on the island for some time, I would make myself a longboard. I would use a tree I found and tools that I made myself from things I found lying around the island. I would love to go surfing off the coast of the island. I would also really benefit from a good pair of earplugs to protect me from surfer's ear. Without them I would be at high risk of developing repeated ear infections. In addition to this I could also lose my hearing without them.

If only I had the chance!