Which Are Good Earphones For Jogging?

ZenPlugs ZenPods- Comfortable Molded Earphones For Jogging

ZenPlugs ZenPods- Comfortable Molded Earphones For Jogging

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Jogging whilst listening to music can be motivating; listening to some power ballads to keep you energised can seriously improve your performance but there's a problem.  Sweaty ears and bouncing MP3 players lead to one thing; your earphones falling out.  Wedging them in hard helps for a couple of minutes, but the inevitable still occurs, they hurt and they fall out.  The skin lining the ear canal is very thin and is usually stuck tightly to the underlying bone meaning that when you push them in hard they create pressure points which lead to pain, discomfort and soreness.  The low surface area in contact with the ear results in poor earphone retention and an increased chance of them falling out.

What can you do?

You may be wondering which are good earphones for jogging? Well, we are excited to announce that our new, improved ZenPlugs ZenPods Molded Earphones are going to be out soon. They are a great solution to this problem. Much lighter and more discrete than over-the-head headphones they fit into your ears like keys in locks, securing them in place. They are far more comfortable than standard earphones and the tight seal they create in your ear reduces sound leakage and significantly boosts bass and midrange, making them sound like earphones costing £100 or more.  Being antibacterial they help prevent er infections caused by prolonged and repeated episodes of wearing earphones. The molding of the plastic spreads the load of the earphone over a much larger area of your ear resulting in far more comfortable earphones.  You can personalise your iPod with good earphones for jogging today by clicking on 'Buy Now'.