Which Are the Best Ear Plugs For Sleeping?

Which Are the Best Ear Plugs For Sleeping?

Which Are the Best Ear Plugs For Sleeping?

Snoring is a serious problem affecting many people around the world.  It may even result in relationship breakdown, insomnia, anxiety and depression.  But what can you do about it?

Choosing the best ear plugs for sleeping and snoring is a great idea.  Foam containing ear plugs do tend to come out at night and be itchy, whilst soft wax and silicon are sticky and trap dirt and hair.  These types of ear plugs all only last for a few uses before needing replacement so they can end up being costly if used regularly for several years.

Molded ear plugs are ideal. This is down to the facts that they are extremely comfortable and good at keeping noise out of your precious ears.   ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are ideal for sleeping because they last for years and do not protrude from user's ears. Inevitably they are highly comfortable to sleep in, even when rolling over.  In this situation most other types of ear plugs will be highly uncomfortable. This is because they protrude from individual's ears so dig in when they push into the pillow.

Be kind to your ears; get yourself a decent pair of ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs For Sleeping and enjoy peaceful, restful sleep for years to come.

Block the Sound Of Snoring

The sound of snoring is one of the commonest reasons for people to lose sleep. If you have a partner, spouse or neighbour who snores loudly, whatever can you do about it? Moulded earplugs are much cheaper than divorce and are well worth a try. ZenPlugs are the ideal choice as they are individually moulded to each ear making them incredibly comfortable for use in bed.

Because they are made at home yourself they cost far less than having your ear moulds made by an audiologist.  Available in a surprisingly bright range of colours, they are cool and funky as well as showing up easily if you drop them on the floor.

ZenPlugs are at the cutting edge of earplug technology; the process is patent pending, the plastic used is highly biocompatible and the product is antibacterial, safely killing all of the bacteria which cause severe infections. This means that the plugs are more comfortable and hygienic than the foam varieties which you see everywhere.

Ongoing problems with snoring can result in chronic insomnia. This can lead to anxiety and depression if it goes unchecked. Marital breakdown has certainly occurred after such situations as differences may not be resolved. Alternatives to earplugs include antisnoring pillows which can reposition the head so that snoring is reduced. Also mandibular advancement splints can really help by lifting the jaw forwards, bringing the tongue with it.

In the extreme cases snorers can have surgery to their soft palate to reduce sound. Lasers or other methods are used to cauterise this area, reducing the vibration which causes snoring.

Simple risk factors such as smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption and diabetes should be tackled as this can also help reduce snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea and the risks which go along with it.