Which Are The Best Waterproof MP3 Players For Swimming?

Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly ? Listen to your Tunes While Swimming With a Waterproof MP3 Player

Which Are The Best Waterproof MP3 Players For Swimming?

Which Are The Best Waterproof MP3 Players For Swimming?

The daily trip to the gym has been a lot more enjoyable since portable music became more accessible. First the iPod made portable music players a lot more compact. The advent of MP3 players as part of mobile phones meant you only needed to carry around one device with you.

For me, the gym used to be a bit of a slog. Whether I'm on the treadmill, the rowing machine or lifting weights, it makes no difference. I use the music that I have coming into my ears to inspire me to go that little bit further or to push that little bit harder.

Now, those who prefer the pool to the cross trainer can soak up their music while doing their daily swim. This is thanks to waterproof swimming MP3 players.  Here are recommendations for the best waterproof MP3 players for swimming available on Amazon.  The Waterfi is very highly thought of, having very good reviews.  The two players on the right are significantly less expensive and are also very popular.

Waterproof MP3 players have been in demand for a while. Now there are a range of options on the market that allow swimmers to enjoy their latest album while pushing through the pain barrier in the pool.

Swimming can be a bit of a chore when you're training for an event or simply trying to reach your daily or weekly target. A swimming MP3 player will help make the slog that little bit easier.

If you are swimming regularly you might find that swimmers' ear is a problem.  Try some decent antibacterial earplugs such as ours from http://zenplugs.com/molded-earplugs; they might stop you getting ear infections so you can carry on training.

What Are The Features Of A Waterproof Swimming MP3 Player?

Which Are The Best Waterproof MP3 Players For Swimming?

Which Are The Best Waterproof MP3 Players For Swimming?

Waterproof MP3 players for swimming need to be a little bit different to a standard item.  The wide range of MP3 players that you see in the gym, on the beach or just on the daily commute on the train don't need to be as specialised. Thankfully there are a range of options that are specifically designed for swimming with.

Obviously, using a normal MP3 player in the pool isn't going to work. Firstly there is the fact that it's not waterproof and will break as a result of putting it in the pool. Second, there is the quality of the sound coming into your ears isn't going to be good enough for swimming with. When you're swimming, not only are you underwater but you're moving a lot and often making a lot of noise through your body movements. Waterproof swimming MP3 players are designed to maximise sound quality while swimming.

One of the key aspects of waterproof MP3 players is having earphones that don't fall out of your ears.  They also need to soak up water without losing quality. The wide range of swimming MP3 players on the market all come up with top quality, waterproof earphones. This means you can carry on your swim without having to worry about losing the quality of the tunes you've chosen to listen to.  Molded fitted earphones are available from ZenPlugs.

Which Waterproof Swimming MP3 Player Should I Buy?

There are many different waterproof MP3 players to choose from, so how do you know which one to pick? The Waterfi has the best ratings on Amazon, is reliable and has excellent sound quality. With over 500 customer reviews over 90% of reviewers gave it four stars or more out of five so you know you will be buying an excellent item.

Find Out More About The Waterfi Waterproof iPod

This chap is thrilled with his Watefi Swimming Music Player.  He has put this video of it working underwater on YouTube.

What Do You Listen To While You Are Exercising?

Drum and Bass, Audiobooks or Calming Piano Concertos, What Really Gets You Moving In The Gym?  Leave us a comment below and we'll come up with a playlist.