Which Ear Plugs Are Best To Block The Sound Of Snoring?

Which Ear Plugs Are Best To Block The Sound Of Snoring?

Which Ear Plugs Are Best To Block The Sound Of Snoring?

If you are looking for the best ear plugs to block the sound of snoring then molded ear plug will be ideal.  The are individually fitted so feel very comfortable and are made from materials which last for years.  ZenPlugs are even antibacterial so help prevent ear infections

Foam ear plugs are not ideal because they expand. They push themselves out of your ears and cause pressure which can be uncomfortable.  When they fall out you hear the noise of the snoring, waking you up.  They protrude from the ears, like rubber flanged ear plugs tend to. This means they are uncomfortable for sleeping, making them unsuitable.

Wax and soft silicon varieties aren't ideal because they both trap hair and dirt, making them unhygienic with repeated use.  This shortens their lifespan, making them expensive if used over a longer period of time due to the cost of repeated replacement.

Although molded ear plugs are more expensive to buy initially they end up being cheaper in the long run.  This is because the cost-per-use is much lower due to the fact they last for several years with normal use.  Choose a bright colour from ZenPlugs so you can find them easily if you drop them on the carpet or in your be.


Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disorder of sleep which tends to affect overweight middle aged men.  Whilst sleeping the muscles of the upper airway become relaxed and resonate as the air passes over them, causing very loud snoring.  Occasionally they will become so relaxed that they close over briefly, stopping air flow.  Characteristically there will be see-sawing of the chest and abdomen as the body tries to shunt the air.  As the level of CO2 rises and O2 falls the person is woken up enough for normal breathing to resume.

Sleep subsequently becomes more shallow again and the cycle recurs, resulting in low quality sleep.  Sufferers are sleepy during the day, so much so that they may fall asleep during meetings or whilst driving a car.  This is because when they stop breathing they wake up enough for breathing to continue, interrupting their sleep.

It will be beneficial for those who are affected by the noise of snoring at night to purchase themselves a pair of good sleeping ear plugs.  Snoring ear plugs are an ideal present for relatives of snorers.  Molded ear plugs are ideal because they are more comfortable and effective than standard ear plugs at keeping out the sound of snoring.