Which Ear Plugs Should I Buy?

Which Ear Plugs Should I Buy?

Which Ear Plugs Should I Buy?

Selecting the right ear plugs for you can be tricky when so many different types are available.  Here are a few pointers;

Moulded ear plugs - these are excellent all-round general-purpose earplugs. They are great for blocking sound and water from your ears.  They last for years and are comfortable and effective.  They can be connected on a cord. ZenPlugs are even antibacterial, killing all the germs known to cause ear infections, otitis and swimmer's ear.  They are available in bright colours so you can find them easily if you drop them on the floor.

Wax - these are comfortable and effective at keeping water out of your ears. Unfortunately they quickly become clogged with dirt and wax, giving them a short life span.  They can become hard and discoloured after a few uses and get stuck in the carpet if you tread on them.

Soft silicon - these are comfortable and stay in the ears well. Unfortunately their stickiness can be unpleasant and, like wax earplugs, they quickly become full of hair and muck.

Foam - cheap and cheerful but uncomfortable with prolonged use and can make your ears sore and itchy.  Although cheap to buy initially, the cost can mount up if used long-term as they need to be replaced regularly.


Insomnia is a common problem which affects many people at some time in their lives.  Noise and disturbance at night is a common cause of insomnia.  Moulded ear plugs are an excellent idea because they are dramatically more comfortable in addition to being superlative at eliminating night-time noise and helping you sleep.

ZenPlugs Moulded Ear Plugs are the best ear plugs for sleeping as they are made one-by-one for each ear.  They are the only moulded ear plugs in the world which can be remoulded as many times as you need meaning if you aren't happy with the fit first time you can refit them as often as you like. As well as this, your ear canals may change shape over time, meaning your plugs won't fit.  If you had invested heavily in plugs from the audiology clinic you would need to bin them and spend another large sum of money on having another set made especially for your ears.

ZenPlugs uniquely also contain Steritouch, a powerful antibacterial renowned for killing all the horrible bugs which cause sore, itchy, infectious ears.  Killing MRSA, salmonella and pseudomonas keeps your ears healthy and safe.

Sleep well with ZenPlugs Sleeping Ear Plugs.