Why Are My Ears Itchy After I've Been In The Sea And How Can I Protect My Ears On Holiday?

Why Are My Ears Itchy After I've Been In The Sea And How Can I Protect My Ears On Holiday?

Why Are My Ears Itchy After I've Been In The Sea And How Can I Protect My Ears On Holiday?

Going on holiday with the family is usually joyful. Spending time together, eating far too much and spending all day sitting on the beach are the ultimate recipe for happiness. Unfortunately there are several reasons why people are far more likely to get an ear infection whilst they're on holiday.

People are far more likely to swim whilst they are away. Sometimes people don't swim all year, making them more likely to get swimmer's ear whilst on holiday. This is an infection of the outer ear. It starts as itching and soreness and progresses to a full clinical infection which may need antibiotics to treat it.

If you are holidaying in the Caribbean then the water will be warm. This increases the number of bacteria in it and makes you much more likely to get ear infections. In addition to this, some areas of the world do not have very strict guidelines on the disposal of sewage waste into the sea. This can also worsen the problem.

As well as swimmers ear, there is also Mediterranean ear. This is so called because of its increased occurrence whilst on holiday. Sweat running in the ears leads to infection and warm conditions also increase the growth of horrible bacteria and smelly fungi. This leads to sore and itchy ears.

So what can you do about this?

ZenPlugs contain Steritouch and are a great combination for preventing infections whilst on holiday. They are non-porous and block water from the ears. Steritouch kills bacteria, making a great partnership in the fight against sore itchy ears whilst on holiday. Because you can make them at home in just a few minutes they cost much less than having hearing protectors made by a grumpy audiologist. The molded plugs are sublimely comfortable and so are great for sleeping as well as swimming and preventing infections.

Other tips for keeping your ears infection free on holiday include rinsing them with clean water after swimming. Take some drinking water or surgical alcohol with you in a small bottle and rinse your ears out after you have been in the sea. If you have been wearing swimming earplugs, you should not need to do this.

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ears

Make sure you drain your ears of water after getting out of the pool or the sea. Trying tilting your head to the same side as your ear, moving your jaw in side to side and pulling your ear in different directions. By clearing water from your ear you reduce water-logging of the skin. This helps your ear dry out and kill the bugs. Again, wearing a pair of ZenPlugs will prevent your ears becoming full of water.

Keep your fingers out of your ears. Sore ears invite probing fingers. Unfortunately your fingers might not be too clean and so may introduce even more bacteria. Your fingernails and skin can abrade the surface of the skin, damaging it and allowing even more bacteria in. Don't do it! Treat yourself to a pair of ZenPlugs moulded earplugs with Steritouch to give yourself a happy holiday.

Please don't treat this article as medical advice. It is mandatory that you visit a good doctor if you have a medical problem.

Dr Toby Bateson