Why Do My Ear Plugs Hurt And Fall Out All The Time?

If your ear plugs hurt and fall out all the time you are probably using foam ear plugs.

They expand in your ear canal which creates a great seal against sound but causes pressure in your ear canal. This can be highly uncomfortable and cause the plugs to push themselves out of your ears all the time.

They can become rough on the outside If you wash them. As well as this they become contaminated by bacteria with use, both of which can lead to soreness and ear infections.  The discomfort often results in people removing the plugs from their ears whilst they are asleep. This exposes them to the sound they were trying to avoid.

  Why Do My Ear Plugs Hurt And Fall Out All The Time?

 Why Do My Ear Plugs Hurt And Fall Out All The Time?

The roughness can abrade the ear canal and scrape away the top surface of skin. This leads to pain and soreness.  The skin normally provides a brilliant barrier against infection. If the surface is removed this allows bugs in, resulting in ear infections.

Try molded ear plugs instead.  They are smooth and non-porous making them comfortable. They are also unlikely to cause discomfort and ear infections.  ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs even contain Steritouch (R). This is a compound proven to kill the bacteria known to cause ear infection.  Click 'Add To Cart' to buy a pair.


Many people are aware that molded PPE ear plugs are the best type available, but what makes them so great? Here are a few reasons why they are better.

Comfort. The plugs being fitted to each ear individually so they are shaped to each curve of your canal. This means that they exert no outward pressure, leading to superior comfort levels. Foam earplugs in particular tend to be uncomfortable due to them expanding and exerting pressure on the lining of your ear canal.

Effectiveness. The custom fit of the plugs gives a highly effective seal against sound and water. This makes custom plugs ideal for use when protecting your hearing and keeping water from your ears. ZenPlugs are unusual as they can be made at home in a few minutes rather than having to visit the audiology clinic regularly to have them made. They are the only remoldable molded ear plugs in the world. They also cost far less than other types of molded earplugs.

Versatility. Due to the effectiveness at blocking sound and water molded earplugs are ideal for all uses, unlike other types. Wax and soft silicon plugs tend to only be good for blocking water as the stickiness often makes them unusable at night in bed. ZenPlugs are ideal for preventing noise-induced hearing loss, as well as aiding sleep at night.

Hygiene. As they are wiped clean, washable and nonporous, molded earplugs are more hygienic than other types. ZenPlugs are unique because they contain a powerful antibacterial. This destroys all bacteria known to cause ear infections. Early signs of an ear infection (otitis) include soreness and itching. It may be that your foam ear plugs are introducing bacteria and causing the micro-environment of your ear canal to become warm and moist. This makes it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Switch to molded earplugs to remedy this situation.