Why Do People Need To Wear Ear Plugs For Surfing?

Why Do People Need To Wear Ear Plugs For Surfing?

Why Do People Need To Wear Ear Plugs For Surfing?

Surfer's often wear ear plugs for surfing to prevent surfer's ear.  This is the common name for cranial exostoses, the growth of bony lumps around the opening of the ear canal.  These take several years to form and gradually close over the ear canal.  The majority of life-long surfers have some some degree of surfer's ear. They may not notice until the canals are 90% closed when hearing starts to deteriorate.

It occurs due to the evaporative cooling effect of wind and water on the ear canals.  No-one really knows why it happens but it is thought to be due to the effect of the cold water on the blood supply of the skin lining the bony ear canal.

Sufferers also have an increased risk of ear infections due to the accumulation of skin slough and the prolonged drying time of the ear canals.  ZenPlugs Molded Surfing Ear Plugs are ideal for preventing surfer's ear. This is because they are molded to each ear individually giving an excellent customised fit which keeps water out.  They are also antibacterial, helping to prevent infection.

They can be connected on a cord and tied to your wetsuit so you won't lose them if they fall out when you are in the sea.  They are also colourful so you can spot them easily if you drop them.

Ear wax is your ear's self cleaning mechanism. It traps bits of dust and other fragments and it is then transported out of the ear for disposal. It moves along the ear canal because the skin cells (squamous epithelium) migrate outwards, taking it along. They are formed at the centre of the eardrum and travel outwards, preventing the accumulation of debris.

Wax is also useful because it is hydrophobic, protecting the skin underneath from water and bacteria penetrating and causing ear infections Regular swimmers are at risk of the wax washing away and the water causing inflammation, irritation and infection. Itching is an early sign; take preventative measures before the infection becomes clinical. Full-blown infection causes pain, discharge and muffled hearing due to the build up of slough and pus in the ear canal.

Ear plugs will protect you from swimmer's ear and are also useful for protecting the ear from dirt and debris. Custom ear plugs are ideal for most uses and last for many years. ZenPlugs even contain an antibacterial compound so make excellent swimming ear plugs. Make sure you get a pair on a string so you don't lose them if you drop one.

Treat yourself to healthy ears with a pair of ZenPlugs.