Why Swimmers Get Sore Ears

Here's our latest post on swimmer's ear and why swimmer's get sore ears.  Bet you don't know!  The water washes away the wax protective layer of your ear and softens the protective skin. This allows bacteria and irritants such as chlorine, detergents and perfumes to enter the underlying skin. Here it can cause inflammation as well infection.  This is itchy, resulting in people poking fingers and pens in their ears, further damaging the lining and worsening the problem.  Well there you go!  Eczema and psoriasis and other skin conditions can predispose ears to ear infections. Treat the condition and you prevent the infection.

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Get Some Molded Ear Plugs -  Why Swimmers Get Sore Ears

Get Some Molded Ear Plugs - Why Swimmers Get Sore Ears