ZenPlugs Ear Plugs Are The Best EarPlugs Because They Are Moldable

ZenPlugs Ear Plugs are the best ear plugs for sleeping and swimming because they are moldable. They conform to the shape of your ear and so fit perfectly.  This means that they block sound and water from your ears with a custom individualised seal. This is super-efficient at excluding sound from your ears.  ZenPlugs are even antibacterial. This helps to reduce the chance of swimmers' ear in addition to other ear infections. These could be caused by prolonged or frequent ear plug use.  The plugs are also wipe-clean. This is unlike foam, wax and soft silicon types. These accumulate dirt and hair, making them unhygienic and likely to cause ear infections with prolonged use.

ZenPlugs Moldable Ear Plugs make great ear plugs for sleeping and snoring due to the fact that they block the sound of snoring from your ears. This helps you sleep and prevent insomnia.  Chronic insomnia is worth avoiding as it can cause anxiety, underperformance at work and depression.  They will not protrude outwards from your ears so are comfortable even when lying on your side.  Designed to be comfortable and ergonomic the ZenPlugs System is unique and patent pending. This means you won't find our technology anywhere else. Find out more about earplugs which are amazing for surfer's and swimmer's ear at zenplugs.com.