ZenPlugs: Superbly Comfortable, Block Sound And Water

ZenPlugs: Superbly Comfortable, Block Sound And Water.

ZenPlugs: Superbly Comfortable, Block Sound And Water.

ZenPlugs molded ear plugs are comfortable and effective at blocking sound and water.

Many people have difficulty sleeping due to noise at night or are trying to prevent swimmer's ear or surfer's ear. If this is the case then ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs will be ideal for you.  They are made from resilient, non-porous thermoplastic which will last for years of use.

An early sign of swimmer's ear is itching and soreness. Take preventative measures and start using your ear plugs early. This may prevent the problem progressing to an ear infection needing treatment with antibiotic drops or even tablets.

They are individually molded to your ears from a kit so fit perfectly. They are made from high density thermoplastic so have high sound attenuation abilities as well as lasting for years.  The plastic effectively absorbs the energy from the sound waves. This quietens them down and gives you some peace and quiet and a good night's sleep.

ZenPlugs from zenplugs.com/molded-earplugs/ contain Steritouch, an antimicrobial agent which make the ear plugs self cleaning.  They are proven to kill all the bacteria which cause ear infections.  You can wash them in water and remould them as many times as you like.