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ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are the ultimate for PPE, swimming, sleeping, surfing and whenever you need an amazing pair of ear plugs. We guarantee our unique patented process will give you superbly comfortable ear plugs at home for a fraction of the price of having them molded by an audiologist, or your money back. The customised seal blocks sound and water and the super effective antibacterial Steritouch kills all the bacteria known to cause ear infections. ZenPlugs products last for years, are the only remouldable moulded ear plugs in the world and can even be healed if damaged. Click on the images or buttons above to find out more about ZenPlugs Ear Plugs. You can also click on the products below to visit the product page and buy your ZenPlugs.

Amazing! Astonishing! Remarkably effective! Particularly against irritating pigeons at 5am. Also, workmen installing a loft ladder and flooring whilst I was asleep: not a sound was heard!! First time I’ve had a decent night’s sleep in ages!
Many many thanks!!
— Mike Herringshaw

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