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Why Do I Need Molded Earpieces?

Stethoscope earpieces often hurt, split, fall off and harbour all sorts of pathogenic bacteria.  Manufacturers adopt a one-size-fits-none approach to fitting.  

Frequent contact with patients and dirty ears lead to a heavy bacterial load and purulent ear infections. Nowadays everyone's stethoscope looks the same so people pick up yours and think it's theirs. ZenPlugs have solved these and many other problems.

For a long time your only option was to have molded earpieces made by an audiologist, both expensive and time consuming. Now you can mold your own at home for a fraction of the cost. As ZenPlugs are molded to your ears they are far more comfortable than standard earpieces. They spread the pressure from the spring over a larger area of your ear. Uniquely they are also antibacterial, unlike standard earplugs. Because they only fit your ears you won't pick up ear infections from other people as your earpieces won't fit their ears.

With four colours to choose from you can personalise your stethoscope, making it less likely to be taken by mistake.

ZenPlugs Astonishingly Comfortable Antibacterial Custom Molded Stethoscope Earpieces - Unusual Gift For Doctor Or Nurse

Ours is the only kit in the world which allows you to make your own molded stethoscope earpieces.  Your earpieces will be amazingly comfortable, long lasting and sound clear and crisp. As they are truly unique the earpieces make an unusual gift or present for a doctor or nurse.  They are antibacterial and are available in a range of colours. Personalise your stethoscope and make it less likely to be taken by mistake.

Very impressed with the earpieces, now no one borrowing my stethoscope and much clearer sounds. I have recommended them to colleagues and students.
— PB

Key Features

  • Amazingly comfortable
  • Powerful silver-based antibacterial prevents stethoscope associated otitis externa. Kills MRSA, pseudomonas and other pathogens
  • Increased perception of higher frequencies and blocks background noise
  • Lasts longer than your stethoscope
  • Won't split and fall off, unlike rubber stethoscope earpieces
  • Costs far less than having custom fitted molded earpieces made by an audiologist
  • Four colours to select from; personalising your stethoscope makes it far less likely to be stolen or taken by mistake
  • Unique and unusual gift for doctors and nurses, men and women




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ZenPlugs Molded Stethoscope Earpieces - Unusual Gift For Doctor Or Nurse

ZenPlugs Molded Stethoscope Earpieces - Unusual Gift For Doctor Or Nurse

Stethoscope FAQ

Can I remold my eartips?

The eartips can be softened and remolded as many times as you like but if you have the striped eartips the pattern may be lost.

How to Prevent Stethoscope Associated Otitis Externa with ZenPlugs

Stethoscope associated otitis externa is a common malady amongst those who use stethoscopes. It consists of infection and inflammation in the outer ear and occurs as a result of regular stethoscope use. There are three reasons for this:

  • Contamination. Standard earpieces pick up bacteria from the environment and transfer them to your ears.
  • Epithelial trauma. Putting them in and taking them out of your ears can cause shear forces through the epithelium. This can result in tiny tears which can let bacteria in.
  • Other people's ears. When you lend your stethoscope to someone you might pick up their ear bacteria. One person's flora is another person's pathogen.

So what's the solution?

The ZenPlugs Custom Fitted Molded Stethoscope Earpiece Kit allows you to make your own earpieces at home in just a few minutes. The earpieces are colourful and last for years. They even contain an antibacterial compound to keep infection out of your ears. This makes them an ideal present for a doctor or nurse.

Your new earpieces will be brightly coloured and won't fit anybody else. This means your stethoscope is unlikely to be taken by accident or on purpose as it will stand out from the crowd.

Protect yourself from stethoscope associated otitis externa for years to come with ZenPlugs.


Our products are proudly manufactured in Cornwall, UK.  We supply our ear plugs to London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Glasgow, Ireland, Aberdeen, Ipswich, Inverness, Kent, Leeds, Ontario, Melbourne, New Zealand, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Vancouver, Victoria, Cardiff, Australia, the USA, Canada and ship our products around the world.