ZenPlugs - The Best Molded Surfing Ear Plugs Prevent Surfers Ear

ZenPlugs - The Best Molded Surfing Ear Plugs Prevent Surfers Ear

Prevent Surfer's Ear With ZenPlugs Molded Surfing Ear Plugs

If you surf regularly it is important you protect yourself from surfer's ear with the best surfing ear plugs and a surf cap.  ZenPlugs Molded Double Action Surfing Ear Plugs protect you against surfer's ear as well as swimmer's ear. They banish water from the ear canals and kill bacteria using the built-in antimicrobial.  Because they are molded to your ear canals one at a time they are definitely the most comfortable ear plugs for surfers you will ever wear.

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  • Immense comfort

  • Superb water exclusion abilities prevents surfer's ear

  • Remold with less plastic to improve hearing; keep yourself safe from water traffic

  • Powerful antibacterial properties

  • Splendid bright colours

  • Choose whether to connect them on lanyard supplied

  • Tie the lanyard to your wetsuit zipper so you don't lose your incredible new earplugs

  • Stay in your ears

Causes And Prevention Of Surfer's Ear - Surfing Ear Plugs

Surfers' ear is caused by the effect of cold water and wind on the ear canal and mastoid bone (the hard lump behind the ear).  This results in bony growths closing over the ear canal, causing deafness and increased risk of infection.  If you wear our surfers' ear plugs with a neoprene cap you will defend yourself against surfer's ear.  Our ear plugs make great earplugs for surfing because they keep cold wind and water out of your ears.

They are also non-porous, antibacterial, joined by a cord which you can tie to the zipper on your wetsuit so you won't lose them.

ZenPlugs Ear Plugs For Surfing Review In Wavelength Magazine

Wavelength Magazine is a regular on the coffee table in ZPHQ. It's got the perfect combination of great editorial content and stunning photographs.  They recently ran a comparison and review of surfing ear plugs; we came out rather well, as you can see in the pictures.

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ZenPlugs Molded Surfing Ear Plugs Review - Wavelength Magazine

The Wavelength Surfing Ear Plug Review Reads;

'ZenPlugs are custom moulded earplugs which come in a kit form made from medical grade thermoplastic.  It's a simple process to create your ear plugs placing the thermoplastic into boiling water, then gently pressing them into your ears to get the perfect fit as the thermoplastic hardens.  If you suffer ear infections or surfers ear it's important to follow the instructions.  They don't float but do come with a cord like the others.  Audability isn't too bad and you can remould them as many times as you want to get the perfect fit. 

Verdict: Simple and Effective. 

Performance 4/5, Design 4/5, Comfort 3/5, Value for Money 4/5, Audibility 3/5.'

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How Developments In Wetsuit Design Have Worsened Surfer's Ear

Over the past few years there have been developments in wetsuit design and fabric technology. These have led to significantly improved thermal performance.  This has allowed surfers and sea swimmers to spend much longer in the water. Unfortunately this increases the risk and the incidence of surfer's ear and swimmer's ear.

An hour in the water once a week during surf season is enough to cause the problem. It is important to prevent the cooling effect by wearing a pair of ZenPlugs Molded Surfing Ear Plugs. This prevents surfer's ear by keeping wind and water out of your ear canals. It stops the formation of cranial exostoses (bony lumps) around the opening.  This will preserve your hearing and reduce your risk of ear infections.


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