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ZenPlugs Amazing Swimming Ear Plugs Prevent Swimmer's Ear

ZenPlugs Double Action Molded Swimming Earplugs are a revolution in ear plug design.  Especially designed to combat swimmers' ear they work in two ways. Firstly they create a unique customised seal, banishing water from your ear canal. As well as this they are powerfully antibacterial, killing all the nasty bugs which cause swimmer's ear. Our loyal customers find ZenPlugs highly effective as well as being comfortable and long-lasting.

Key Features

  • The only Double Action Molded Swimming Earplugs in the world
  • Banish water from your ears
  • Antibacterial, kill Salmonella, pseudomonas and MRSA
  • Soften in hot water and mold in your ears in minutes
  • The only custom molded swimming ear plugs in the world which can be remolded and healed with hot water if damaged
  • Incredibly comfortable due to our unique patent-pending one-stage process
  • Perfect results every time or your money back
  • Delicious colours to choose from
  • Lanyard included; never lose your ear plugs
  • Last for years
These are incredible!  Just buy some!  Fast delivery!
— Wayne Y

ZenPlugs - World Leaders In Ear Plug Innovation

ZenPlugs have been leaders in ear plug technology since it's foundation by Dr Toby Bateson in 2010. Our ear plugs are unique; we use materials and processes which no other ear plug manufacturer is using. What goes into our plugs to make them work so well is a trade secret. ZenPlugs are great any time you need a really good pair of ear plugs.

ZenPlugs - The Best Molded Swimming Ear Plugs - After Molding

ZenPlugs - The Best Molded Swimming Ear Plugs - After Molding

Welcome to the instructional video for ZenPlugs Patent Pending Molded Ear Plugs. The video shows you how simple it is to make your molded swimming ear plugs at home.