The Ultimate PPE Ear Plugs - Better Than Disposable Foam Ear Plugs 

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ZenPlugs Ultimate PPE Ear Plugs are incredibly comfortable and effective at protecting your hearing from noise-induced hearing loss. Moulded from a kit to give amazing comfort and hearing protection. ZenPlugs can increase workforce PPE compliance through improved comfort and personalisation when compared to disposable ear plugs. Our loyal users love the effectiveness and long life, finding them far more comfortable than foam earplugs. They also cost far less than disposable ear plugs in the long-run and because they can last for more than 1000 uses they soon pay for themselves compared to disposable ear plugs. ZenPlugs Earplugs are also ideal for sleeping swimming, surfing and whenever you need a good pair of comfortable, effective earplugs.

ZenPlugs last for years are the worlds only remouldable, healable, antibacterial, moulded PPE ear plugs.


  • Custom moulded ear plugs for incredible comfort, fit and hearing protection.

  • Can improve compliance through improved comfort and personalisation.

  • Last for years, antibacterial, supplied with detachable cord.

  • Made in a few minutes from a kit, simply soften in hot water and mould directly in the ear.

  • Can be remoulded as many times as you like, healing damaged plugs.

  • Conforms to CE EN 352-2 2002, SNR 22.

  • Use with supplied petroleum jelly to maximise noise reduction.

  • Ideal custom moulded ear plugs for factories, oil rigs and shipyards. Also for DIY, fire-fighters, army, navy, police, military and air-force use.

  • ZenPlugs are ideal for swimming, sleeping, surfing and any other time you need a great pair of earplugs.

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ZenPlugs - World Leaders In Ear Plug Innovation

ZenPlugs have been leaders in ear plug technology since it's foundation by Dr Toby Bateson in 2010. Our ear plugs are unique; we use materials and processes which no other ear plug manufacturer is using. What goes into our plugs to make them work so well is a trade secret. ZenPlugs are great any time you need a really good pair of ear plugs.

‘Wow, thanks for the super speedy reply, rarely do you see a company answer a question that quickly these days. Will definitely recommend you to others based on the service received.’
— Harjinder Tanday
The Ultimate PPE Ear Plugs - Ideal For Factories, Oil Rigs, DIY, Building And Shipyards.

The Ultimate PPE Ear Plugs - Ideal For Factories, Oil Rigs, DIY, Building And Shipyards.

ZenPlugs Instructional video, showing how quick and easy it is to make your plugs.