World Class Custom Molded Ear Plugs, Earphones And Earpieces

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are now softer and even more comfortable than before.  Unlike any other molded ear plugs from a kit they can be remolded as often as you wish and can even be healed if they are damaged. Available in fluorescent orange and pink, as well as blue.

ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plugs, Earphones and Earpieces are world-leading in innovation. They are superbly effective and comfortable. Our hearing protection is ideal for sleeping, swimming, snoring, surfing and is available to buy in bulk. Ideal for protecting your hearing around dangerous noise volumes. Certified for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). ZenPlugs conform to CE standard EN352-2:2002. This makes them perfect for use in factories, on oil rigs and for police, fire fighters, army, navy, air force and military use. ZenPlugs have an SNR of 22 and give you comfortable antibacterial custom molded hearing protection at home from a kit. Our team develop, test and love using all our custom products, click on the menu bar at the top of the page to find out more. Buy yours now; they won't disappoint you.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs For Sleeping, Swimming, Snoring And Surfing - After Molding

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs For Sleeping, Swimming, Snoring And Surfing - After Molding

ZenPlugs Blue Molded Ear Plugs - Our Patent-Pending Plug Before Moulding

ZenPlugs Blue Molded Ear Plugs - Our Patent-Pending Plug Before Moulding

Molded Ear Plugs Key Features;

  • Comfortable, super-effective at blocking sound and water
  • Brilliant for sleeping, comfortable when lying on your side in bed
  • The only custom molded ear plugs which can be remoulded and healed if damaged
  • Make easily in just a few minutes, just soften using hot water then mold to your ears.
  • Follow along with the real-time instructional video below
  • Conform to EN352-2:2002, ideal for factories, oil rigs, military, army, navy, air force, police and fire fighters.
  • SNR 22
  • Unique patent-pending method
  • Antibacterial
  • Prevent swimmer's ear and surfer's ear
  • Ideal for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Choose to connect using supplied cord
These are incredible! Just buy some! fast delivery!’
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’Fun and easy to make. They work really well.’
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ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plugs
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ZenPlugs Lovely Pink Molded Ear Plugs - Appearance Before Moulding

ZenPlugs Lovely Pink Molded Ear Plugs - Appearance Before Moulding

Your ZenPlugs Kit

Your ZenPlugs Kit

ZenPlugs Instructional Video - Watch How Incredibly Simple It Is To Make Our Ear Plugs

ZenPlugs are proudly made in Cornwall, UK.  Our plugs are supplied to London, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Ireland, Ipswich, Inverness, Kent, Ontario, Melbourne, New Zealand, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Vancouver, Edmonton, Victoria, Leeds, Cardiff, Australia, Aberdeen, Canada and the USA,  ship our products around the world.

ZenPlugs Ear Blog

We pride ourselves on our blog.  We strive to include relevant, up-to-date content about ear health and believe we have now covered every ear condition on the planet.  Please drop us a line if you think we have missed one or have any suggestions for posts.  More posts are available at We are very happy to provide posts for other websites.

ZenPlugs Process

ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plugs give you an easy method of making comfortable, effective plugs.  They are effective at blocking water and noise making them ideal for use in bed, whilst swimming or for snoring. They are also suitable for use on motorcycles, when flying, to prevent swimmer's and surfer's ear.

They have a unique Double-Action. This keeps the ear canals healthy by keeping out water and getting rid of all the bugs which cause swimmer's ear infections.  The antibacterial Steritouch lasts for the life of the plastic and uses silver to kill those germs without harming you.

Keeping water out prevents surfer's ear by avoiding cooling of the area which causes lumps of bone to grow around the opening.  It is important to also keep water and wind away from the mastoid bone behind the ear otherwise you can still develop the condition.

The best way to do this is to wear a surfing cap with your ZenPlugs.  It takes many years to worsen and is unnoticeable in the early stages; when it reaches 90% sufferers develop deafness.  They are also at increased risk of infection through the retention of water and skin debris.

Check out our 'Featured Posts' above for our research on surfer's ear.  Make sure you wear your surfing cap and surfing ear plugs more than 90% of the time to keep yourself protected.

Prevent Stethoscope Associated Otitis Externa With ZenPlugs Molded Stethoscope Earpieces

Stethoscope-associated otitis externa is a disorder of the ear. The infection causes itching, inflammation, soreness and discharge.  It starts off with minor irritation; a sign of things to come.  Once infection sets in antibiotic drops and even tablets or liquid may be required to treat the condition.  There are several ways in which stethoscopes can predispose to infections;

    Skin trauma.  If you often use a stethoscope this can lead to damage to the epithelium lining the ear canals. This breaches the body's protective defence system and allows bacteria in.
    Contamination.  Contact with patients can contaminate the earpieces with bacteria. These have the capability to cause infections.  Hanging around the neck the earpieces may brush against patients which can pass on bacteria.  Sharing a scope with others can also lead to you share bacteria and expose you to strains which may give you an ear infection.

So what can you do about this?

ZenPlugs Molded Stethoscope Earpiece kit can help prevent ear infections by being gentle on the skin.  You can mold earpieces to your own external ear shape in only few minutes.  These are kind to you and contain antibacterials which will kill all the bacteria known to cause ear infections.

Protect yourself from infections for many years with ZenPlugs Molded Stethoscope Earpieces.

Dr Toby Bateson