ZenPods Custom Molded Earphones Adaptors Before Molding

ZenPods Custom Molded Earphones Adaptors Before Molding

ZenPods Custom Molded Earphones Adaptors After Molding

ZenPods Custom Molded Earphones Adaptors After Molding

Stop your earphones hurting and falling out with ZenPods Molded Earphone Adaptors. Press play to see how incredibly quick and easy they are to make. 

Individually custom fitted to each ear they are surprisingly comfortable and make tinny earphones sound great.  Because they fit like a key in a lock they stay in whilst jogging, running or in the gym.

ZenPlugs ZenPods Custom Molded Earphone Adaptors

ZenPods are a revolution in molded hearing technology.  Our process is simple, easy and can be done at home in a few minutes.  Your new earphones will be incredibly comfortable, will stay in your ears and sound astonishing.

Key Features

  • Astonishingly comfortable; enjoyable to wear
  • Amazing sound quality. Improves tinny headphones
  • Boosts bass and midrange frequencies for greater enjoyment of games, music and calls
  • Sound reproduction similar to that from earbuds costing £100 or more
  • Delivers better results than other custom molded earphone kits due to our superior process
  • Works with iPhone earphones (shown in picture)
  • Plugs stay in place even during vigorous exercise, jogging or whilst in the gym, due to their ability to lock into the ear
  • Powerful antibacterial compound protects you from nasty ear infections
  • Surprisingly easy unique patented process
  • Simply soften in hot water and mold in your ear
  • Create high quality custom molded earphones within a matter of minutes
  • Costing significantly less than a visit to the audiologist
  • Reduced sound leakage due to custom fit
  • Reduced annoyance to people nearby
  • Saves battery power as you can play music at a lower volume
  • Available in bright colours; personalise your MP3 player and stand out from the crowd
  • Remoldable to give the best fit

Find out more about our custom molded earplugs and molded stethoscope earpieces on our homepage.

The ZenPods Story

ZenPods were created by Dr Toby Bateson. He developed the process when he found himself rather disappointed with his stethoscope earpieces. He set about making a better pair himself. His first attempt took only a few minutes and gave him a comfortable and resilient pair of earpieces.  They were far better than those supplied on his (quite expensive!) stethoscope.  

He soon realised that the process could also make earphones which sound delightful. They also feel incredible in your ears. Dr Bateson developed the thermoplastic compound especially. The composition of it is a trade secret. It incorporates Steritouch (R), an incredible silver-based compound. This kills all infection causing bacteria for the life of the product. He has since patented the unique process and founded ZenPlugs to bring his invention to the world.

ZenPlugs ZenPods Moulded Earphones Adaptors
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Stop Your Earphones Hurting and Falling Out with ZenPods Custom Fitted Molded Earphones

Many people find that their earphones hurt and fall out. ZenPods Custom Earphones for MP3 players, laptops and phones, are molded for your ears. This makes them sublimely comfortable, boosts bass and mid-range, fit like a hand in a glove and stay in place during exercise.

They use a unique method to give you high quality custom earphones for far less than the cost of visiting an audiologist. Containing a powerful antibacterial agent, they are hygienic and prevent ear infections.

The customised seal stops your earphones from hurting and falling out. It also reduces sound leakage and bystander irritation and saves your battery by allowing you to play music at a lower volume.


Our products are proudly manufactured in Cornwall, UK.  We supply our ear plugs to London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Glasgow, Ireland, Aberdeen, Ipswich, Inverness, Kent, Leeds, Ontario, Melbourne, New Zealand, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Vancouver, Victoria, Cardiff, Australia, the USA, Canada and ship our products around the world.