Stop Earphones Hurting Your Ears And Falling Out With ZenPods Custom Molded Earphones Kit

ZenPlugs ZenPods Molded Earphone Adaptors instructional demonstration video.  Click the arrow in the centre to play.

ZenPods Molded Earphones - After Molding

ZenPods Molded Earphones - After Molding

ZenPlugs ZenPods Molded Earphones Kit for Apple earbuds like those shown on the left work with all MP3 players, laptops and phones and are individually molded to your ears from a kit. They give optimum comfort and fit, stopping earphones hurting your ears and falling out.  Make your own DIY molded headphones at home to give much better sound quality, amazing comfort, reduced bystander irritation. Much less expensive than having your custom moulded earphones made by an audiologist or using many other kits.  Available bundled with earphones.

  • Hugely more comfortable than standard earphones

  • Massively improved sound quality; sound similar to earbuds costing £100 or more

  • Much better results than other kits due to advanced process

  • Extend battery life due to reduced sound leakage allowing you to play music at lower volume

  • Less bystander irritation due to reduced sound leakage

  • Less likely to fall out whilst jogging or in the gym; fit in your ear like a key in a lock

  • Colourful; custom earphones to personalise your MP3 player, phone or laptop

  • Antibacterial, reduce the risk of ear infections

  • Less expensive than having your earphones molded by an audiologist

  • Remoldable, in case you don't get it right first time

  • Patent pending technology you won't find anywhere else

By Toby Bateson - ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs

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