Early Symptoms Of Ear Infections

If you are a sufferer of ear infections it is well worth knowing some of the early symptoms to look out for. They cause much pain and illness for many people around the world every day. They include itching, discomfort and flaking of skin. These are signs of outer ear infection which is also known as otitis externa.

Early Symptoms Of Ear Infections

Early signs of middle ear infection includes popping of the ears and muffled hearing. Many people may become aware of when they are going to get an infection. It may be that they start off with a cold or blocked nose. Some people get infections every time they go swimming in the sea, for example. If you know when you are going to get an infection it may be possible to avoid it. This is particularly the case when it is set off by something such as swimming.

Often something as simple as wearing a good pair of swimming ear plugs is enough to keep the water out of your ears and keep your ears safe. This could prevent the infection from becoming a clinical problem. If your ears start to pop and hearing becomes muffled it may be the start of an infection.  It might be worth starting to use a decongestant or take an anti-inflammatory starts as ibuprofen. This is because these can keep the tubes to your middle ear open, draining them and preventing you developing a middle ear infection. A full blown infection may require antibiotics. Make sure you visit your doctor if you have anything more then very mild symptoms. If in doubt get a check up.

This article does not constitute medical advice.

Dr Toby Bateson for ZenPlugs.com