Snoring And How To Sleep Well With Technology - Infographic

Snoring And How To Sleep Well With Technology - Infographic

Snoring And How To Sleep Well With Technology - Infographic

Here is a great infographic about how to sleep well with technology from the team at

How Does Snoring Affect Your Well-Being?

Snoring is a sleep disorder with many negative consequences. Health and relationship issues are only some of the examples. It is experienced as a mildly unpleasant noise or a major sleep disturbance.

Snoring, or noisy breathing during sleep, is a common issue affecting people of all ages and genders. It happens when air can’t move freely through the airways, resulting in a hoarse sound while you are sleeping.

Although there are no guarantees that a person can be cured of snoring, there are numerous technological solutions one can try to alleviate some of the impacts and sleep better.

What Causes Snoring?

One of the most common causes of snoring is mouth anatomy. During sleep, your tongue, throat, or airways in your nose relax and narrow, causing them to vibrate and produce the unmistakable sound of snores. What’s more, chances of breathing noisily during sleep increase if you are overweight, smoke, or drink alcohol. Sometimes, you can have a healthy lifestyle, but if you sleep in the wrong position, you could still end up snoring through the night.

Snoring and Health

In terms of health, snoring is a relatively light sleep condition. However, it can mean that you suffer from a more severe disorder - sleep apnoea. This condition interrupts your breathing at night and can lead to diabetes, heart failure, and liver problems.

Snoring and Work

If you snore at night, then you are not getting the proper quality and quantity of sleep. Restless nights result in fatigue and daytime sleepiness, which are not conducive to a productive workday. The same is true for your partner who is also affected.

Snoring and Personal Relationships

This sleep disorder is known to put a serious strain on relationships. In fact, a recent study revealed that as many as 30% of couples in the UK chose to sleep in separate rooms because of loud snores. At the same time, 12% stated that snoring was the reason for divorcing their partner. And it is not just marriage and romantic relationships that break down as a result of this sleep issue. Snoring could be quite awkward in social situations, such as going on holiday with friends or a business trip with colleagues.

Snoring and Tech

Many devices on the market can help with this issue, from sleep masks to dental solutions and chin straps. However, most of these are not completely effective when it comes to solving the problem. People who have used them complain that they are uncomfortable and feel restrictive. Wearing earplugs in bed, on the other hand, is a sure way to block out the noise of snoring. High-quality earplugs are moulded to your ears, thus avoiding any feelings of discomfort while you sleep. Additionally, they are antibacterial so as to keep ear infections away. Finally, earplugs are an inexpensive alternative to snoring. They can also help your spouse or family get some quality shut-eye.

Bottom Line

Snoring is not a severe health risk. However, it is a serious issue that impairs your work performance and personal life. Therefore, taking action against snoring as soon as possible is imperative.