Swimming Ear Plugs: What You Need To Know

Swimming Ear Plugs: What You Need To Know

Swimming Ear Plugs: What You Need To Know

Swimming is a common reason for people to buy ear plugs. Without them you are at risk of swimmer's ear. This is a common disorder of the outer ear which starts with mild itching and a little irritation. It can worsen to an ear infection which needs treatment with antibiotics. The problem can be entirely prevented with swimming ear plugs in most situations.

Swimming ear plugs: what you need to know

There are several different types of swimming ear plugs and each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Wax and soft silicon. These are squishy, sticky ear plugs which are shaped between the fingers and pushed into the ear. Because they are sticky they stay in the ear well but can be hard to get out. Small bits can break off and be left behind in the ear. If this happens you need to see a doctor to have them removed. This is clearly a nuisance. Children can also swallow small pieces of the substance. Make sure you don't tread on them on the carpet as they will become embedded.

Moulded earplugs. If you are any more than an occasional ear plug user then it is well worth getting yourself a pair of moulded earplugs. ZenPlugs are better than most because they cost far less then visiting the audiologist to have your plugs made. This is because you make them yourself at home from a kit. The process is so simple that anyone can do it. There is a patent pending as the process is unique and no-one else is using it. The plugs are very comfortable and last for years. They have an amazing double-action against swimmer's ear because they keep water and germs out. The plastic contains an antibacterial called Steritouch which is super-effective at killing germs.

Other types of moulded earplugs are usually more expensive and tend not to contain the antibacterial compound. ZenPlugs can also be remoulded as many times as you need, you get as many chances as you like to get it right.

Although moulded earplugs cost more to buy than the other types of ear plugs listed here, the cost per use is much lower because they last for years. This makes them much more efficient in the long-run. The other types need replacing after only a few uses which can become expensive over time.

Flanged rubber earplugs. This variety consists of a hard rubber handle with soft rubber ribs around the outside. There is a pressure fit with the ear. This keeps water out but tends to make this type of plug uncomfortable. The flanges also become clogged with dirt.  They tend to split, coming off the handle. They don't last terribly long before needing replacement.

Summary. In summary ZenPlugs Molded Swimming Ear Plugs are ideal because they are comfortable, effective, stay in your ears and last for years.  They are far more hygienic and cost effective than other types of ear plugs.  Because they are antibacterial they prevent swimmer's ear, preventing itchy ears after swimming. If you need swimming ear plugs you won't go wrong with a pair of ZenPlugs.