Waterproof Moulded Ear Plugs

Waterproof moulded earplugs can be useful in many situations. Whether you want to use them in the pool, the sea, bath or shower there are several features which they need to have. The material should be non-porous, unlike foam plugs. If you are using them for water-sports then connecting them with a cord is ideal. This makes them easier to find in your kitbag and if you drop them in the pool.

Waterproof Moulded Ear Plugs

Waterproof Moulded Ear Plugs

Antibacterial properties are also very useful. If you are using them in the water then you will be at risk of swimmer's ear. Make sure you wear your plugs to protect yourself. ZenPlugs are ideal because they are waterproof, non-porous and antibacterial. You can even connect them with a cord if you wish.

Available in various colours from our website they last for years but can be made in minutes. This gives them an edge over professionally moulded earplugs which can cost a lot more and may need several trips to the audiology clinic. ZenPlugs can be made at home and are available by post so you don't even need to leave the house.

The prevention of swimmer's ear is the main reason that people buy waterproof earplugs. They should keep water and germs out of your ears to protect you from this problem. Early signs are soreness and itching of the ear.

At this stage you should take preventative measures to stop it progressing to a severe infection. Wear ear plugs regularly when getting your ears wet. This means when swimming or taking a shower or bath. If you do get water or soap in your ears make sure you rinse it out.

After swimming water can get right down your ear canal to your drum. It can take some time for ears to dry completely, leading to waterlogging and increased risk of infection. Make sure you drain all of the water from your ears by pulling your outer ear in different directions while opening and closing your mouth. This should cause the water to run out of your ear and reduce the risk of swimmer's ear.

This article does not count as medical advice. Ensure that you see a doctor if you have an ear problem.

Dr Toby Bateson