The Best Custom Moulded Earplugs For Sleep

If you suffer from noise at night you may want to know which are the best custom moulded earplugs for sleep. Generally, moulded earplugs are better than other types for sleeping as they are much more comfortable and last longer. ZenPlugs are the best because they have several advantages over other types. They are specifically designed for sleeping and so do not protrude from the ears. This means that they are still comfortable even if you lie on your side in bed.

The Best Custom Moulded Earplugs For Sleep

The Best Custom Moulded Earplugs For Sleep

Many other varieties stick out from the ears and so when you have your head on the pillow the plug is pressed into your ear. This can cause discomfort and wake you up. When you turn over with your head on the pillow can pull the plugs from your ear. This can also wake you up when you hear the noise you were trying to block.

If you have a busy day tomorrow it is worth having a good pair of ear plugs to hand tonight.  Important business meetings and sports events such as races can be ruined by not sleeping well the night before.

Our earplugs cost far less than visiting the audiologist to have your moulded earplugs for sleep made. This is because you can make them yourself at home from a kit. We currently have them on offer for £14.99. By an audiologist you may be charged £90 or more.

ZenPlugs are also antibacterial. This makes them much more hygienic and helps to prevent infections some people get from wearing earplugs. They can also be wiped clean reducing contamination of your ears from dirty plugs.

ZenPlugs stay in your ears much better than many other types of earplugs. This is because they are fitted to your ear canals and so lock into place.

Modern life can be very hard work, with so much information constantly flowing towards us from all sides it can be easy to end up overloaded, overwhelmed and left unsatisfied. Rest can be hard to come by as your boss expects you to be available at all hours to answer your phone and emails. It's all-too-easy to end up replying to messages whilst lying in bed at night and when you're on the toilet in the morning.

With Twitter notifications, Facebook updates and a multitude of other social media platforms constantly alerting you of your friends and colleagues writing on your account pages it can be impossible to escape sometimes. When you do finally get a chance to sleep why gamble your chances of a good rest on whether or not it's mating season for the foxes in next door's garden?

It is definitely worth investing in a good pair of moulded earplugs so that you can pop them in whenever you need to be sure of a good night's rest. ZenPlugs are particularly useful because they are custom individually moulded to each ear in turn making them super-comfortable and brilliantly efficient when it comes to the exclusion of animal noises from the garden.

They are also antibacterial keeping germs and other nasties away from your ears and protecting you against the rigors of the infection.

Little things can really make a difference. If you are having difficulty sleeping try a milky drink or cup of chamomile tea before bed and develop a lovely bedtime routine where you can wind down with a nice warm bath so that you set yourself up for a good night's sleep. Try not to use electronic devices too late at night as the wavelength of light from the screen can stimulate your brain into thinking it's daytime and keep you awake.