What Are The Best Ear Plugs For Snoring Partners?

Snoring can ruin people's lives and relationships.  Lack of sleep causes depression, anxiety and poor performance at work. Get yourself a good pair of molded ear plugs and you will never look back.  But what are the best snoring ear plugs?

What Are The Best Ear Plugs For Snoring Partners?

What Are The Best Ear Plugs For Snoring Partners?

Foam ear plugs aren't ideal to aid the quality of sleep because the plugs protrude from your ears. Because of this they are uncomfortable whenever you roll over in bed. They expand in your ears and press on the delicate skin lining your ear canals. This causes pain and pushing themselves out.  They are also unhygienic and quickly accumulate wax and bacteria meaning they need to be replaced frequently.  The cost per use for molded ear plugs can be lower than other varieties as they can be used thousands of times before needing replacement.

ZenPlugs molded ear plugs are ideal because they cost far less when you compare them to having your earplugs made by your local audiologist. They are antibacterial and wipe-clean so last for years of normal use.   Having your ears molded professionally can take several trips to the clinic.  They may also cost you a significant amount of money and may not give the results you were hoping for.  ZenPlugs are quicker, cost less and are the only remoldable molded ear plugs available on the market.

Treat yourself to years of peaceful sleep with ZenPlugs Ear Plugs.


If you have ever used foam ear plugs you might find they are uncomfortable, itchy and often fall out, particularly when you are asleep and can't feel them coming out of your ears.  The surface can become abrasive, particular if the plugs are old and they become dirty and difficult to clean.  They expand in your canals, causing pressure and discomfort.  Molded ear plugs solve all these problems by being individually fitted to your ears, creating a custom seal which is excellent at blocking water and sound from your ears.

Being specifically made for your ear canals molded ear plugs are very comfortable and also extremely effective a keeping snoring from your ears due to the custom seal created.

Having your impressions made by an audiologist, however, can be expensive but you can always get a ZenPlugs Kit.  They carry all the amazing benefits of molded ear plugs but without the price tag.  You mold the plugs at home in a few minutes, making them significantly less expensive than having your molds made in a clinic.  You can connect them on a cord so you don't lose them if you drop one.  Choose bright coloured ones so you can spot them easily if you drop them on the floor.