What Is Surfer's Ear And How Do I Prevent It?

What Is Surfer's Ear And How Do I Prevent It?

What Is Surfer's Ear And How Do I Prevent It?

Surfer's ear is a common condition amongst serious surfer's.  When wind and water enter the ear canal and contact the mastoid bone behind the ear they cool it. This is due to evaporation. A reaction occurs in the overlying periosteum membrane covering the bone. This results in new bone growth around the opening to your ear canal.

This growth is progressive. It can lead to deafness and recurrent ear infections in regular surfers.  Deafness will be a late sign which appears when the canal is 90% closed over.

Prevention is definitely better than cure.  Regular use of ear plugs and a surfer's cap keep the wind and water off the ears and the mastoid.  This stops the bone forming and the canals closing. 

It is important to wear them all year round as the cooling effect of the evaporation occurs even during the summer months.  Many people aren't aware of the need to wear a cap as well as the ear plugs.

ZenPlugs will be ideal because they last for years and are especially molded for your ears. They will be sublimely comfortable in addition to being highly effective when it comes to blocking wind and water from your ear canals.   They are even antibacterial, making them helpful at preventing ear infections.

The improvements in wetsuit design and materials over the last few years have led to an increase in the rate and severity of surfers' ear.  This is due to the fact that they allow surfers to stay in the water for longer, also exposing their ears to the possibility of cooling for longer also.  This makes it even more important to wear ear plugs and a cap all year round.

Many who surf believe that they are only at risk of surfer's ear in the winter months but this is not the case.  The cooling effect is less in the summer but it is still possible for the disorder to develop.  This is true even during the summer months and in warm waters like the Caribbean.

Protect yourself from surfer's ear for many years to come using ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs For Surfing.