Which Type Of Ear Plugs Are Best For Sleeping?

How can you decide which ear plugs to buy for sleeping when there are so many different varieties available? Here are some tips.

Which Type Of Ear Plugs Are Best For Sleeping?

Which Type Of Ear Plugs Are Best For Sleeping?

Foam ear plugs. These are cheap and readily available but tend not to be good for use in bed . This is because they protrude from your ears and so often drag on the pillow causing discomfort and tugging them from your ears during the night. Both of these problems could cause them to come out of your ears and wake you up. They also tend to be unhygienic as they accumulate wax and dirt.

Molded ear plugs. This variety of plug makes the best all-round earplug. This is because they are comfortable, brilliant at keeping everything out of the ear and even kill germs. ZenPlugs are an example of this. They might not be as expensive as you might think. ZenPlugs are made at home using a kit so are far less expensive than visiting the audiologist to have your impressions made.

Wax earplugs. This type of earplug is effective at keeping water from the ears. Unfortunately it is not great for sleeping as the plugs are sticky and leave nasty residue on your skin and fingers. They also stick in the hair of individuals whose hair is long. If they come out during the night they often stick to clothing or the carpet.

Flanged rubber earplugs. This variety of plug is not suitable for use at night due to the protruding handle which would push the plug deeper into the ear canal causing pain. They are much more suitable for swimming, although the rubber often deteriorates in water after many uses.

Moulded earplugs make the best all round earplugs due to their resilience, comfort and ability to block sound and liquids from the ears.


March 6, 2017

Molded earplugs are probably the most versatile type of earplugs as well as being the best general purpose ear plugs.  There are several reasons for this.

  • Super-comfortable.  ZenPlugs Custom Molded Earplugs are individually molded to your ears from a kit, making them incredibly comfortable and far less expensive and time-consuming than visiting your audiologist to have your ears molded.
  • Amazing sound blocking properties.  The high density polymers block the sound of snoring and other noises, helping you sleep, rest, study and prevent insomnia caused by noise at night.  Insomnia can cause anxiety and depression if left untreated for some time.
  • Water-proof.  Molded earplugs tend to be made from water-resistant materials which make them ideal for swimming, use in the pool and the sea.  This also makes them highly effective at preventing surfer's ear.
  • Antibacterial. ZenPlugs are antibacterial and kill all the bacteria known to cause ear infections, protecting you against swimmer's ear
  • Colourful.  Choose your favourite colour or choose a bright colour which helps you find your earplugs if you drop them on the floor, the beach, or in the pool.
  • Can be connected on a cord.  Some varieties can be joined on a string or lanyard to stop you losing them.
  • Stay in your ears.  Due to the individualised molding technique used to make the earplugs whilst at home you will find that the ear plugs are retained inside the ear for much longer than standard ear plug types.  This means that they are far less likely to fall from the ear during use than the foam varieties.