The Only Remouldable Moulded Ear Plugs in The World

We've found that over time, years in fact, people's ear canals can change shape.  Moulded ear plugs which fitted a few years ago don't fit any more.  If they are silicon moulded ear plugs then you will need to throw them in the bin and start again. This can be expensive.  Our ear plugs are manufactured from a thermoplastic which may be remoulded as frequently as you like. This means you can refit them and keep using them for years to come.  Due to our patent-pending process they are the only remouldable moulded ear plugs in the world.

We've also heard tales of professionally moulded ear plugs which don't fit and fall out; again these can't be remoulded so are a waste of money.  Simply remoulding the ear plugs can dramatically improve the fit and save you time and money.

Our plugs from are custom moulded and fitted to your ears so are beautifully comfortable. They are also incredibly effective at keeping the racket from next door from the ears.  They are gently antibacterial, helping reduce the risk of swimmers' ear as well as other ear infections.  They can be connected with a specially designed lanyard and available in blue, pink, grey and black. They make an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for a man or woman, nurse or doctor. 

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Some earplugs on the market are anti-bacterial. So is this a good idea? I think it is. There are several reasons why you might want to have antibacterial earplugs.

Sometimes year infections can be caused by using earplugs. This is particularly if you use them often or for a long time each day. Some earplugs are worse than others at causing infection. Some plugs can become dirty and are difficult to clean. This means they need to be replaced often.

Wax and soft silicon earplugs are impossible to clean. They are sticky and soft. They cannot be wiped or washed. This type also need to be replaced if they become dirty.

Moulded earplugs are more hygienic then other types. They can be washed or wiped clean. Most earplugs are not antibacterial but ZenPlugs moulded earplugs are. This makes them better for everyday use. The antibacterial Steritouch is non-toxic and lasts for as long as the ear plugs. It kills all the bacteria which cause infections. This makes the plugs great for regular daily use.

As well as sleeping ZenPlugs are great for swimming. The antibacterial effect helps to protect against swimmer's ear. This is also the case if you are using them to protect yourself against surfer's ear. Those with this condition are more likely to get infections of the outer ear due to narrowing of the canal.  This problem causes the water to hang around longer in the ear. Antibacterial earplugs keep out water and kill germs at the same time. Make sure you see a doctor if you have a problem with your ears.

Dr Toby Bateson

The Only Remouldable Ear Plugs In The World

The Only Remouldable Ear Plugs In The World