Why Are My Ears Itchy?

Why Are My Ears Itchy?

Why Are My Ears Itchy?

Itchy ears can be a sign of otitis externa. This is inflammation of the skin lining the canal of the ear. It has many causes, sometimes eczema and psoriasis or another dermatitis can underlie the condition. Try to avoid pushing your fingers in your ears. It can be very tempting when they are sore and painful but this will introduce more germs and damage the delicate skin. Visit your local doctor for an examination and a course of treatment.

This often involves antibiotic drops. They may include gentamicin and sometimes steroids and an antifungal agent like acetic acid. Swimmer's ear is a form of otitis externa caused by repeatedly getting your ears wet. The water damages the protective outer layers of skin and allows germs to reach into the deeper layers where they cause infection.

The flakiness is the outer layers of skin separating due to the inflammation underneath. Swimmers ear can be prevented by regularly wearing an effective pair of ear plugs such as ZenPlugs from zenplugs.com/molded-earplugs/. These are waterproof and antibacterial and have a unique double action when it comes down to preventing the condition. In addition to this they are also connected on a cord, making them easy to find if you drop them on the floor. The bright colours are in high contrast to the beach and carpet, making them easy to spot if you let go of them. If you have an underlying dermatitic disorder such as eczema you may well need this treated before your otitis externa will settle down. You should find drops are enough to treat otitis externa. Occasionally tablet antibiotics are required to get the problem under control. Various different antibiotics are used depending on the local formulary. This is written based on the balance of bacteria causing infections in the local area. Antibiotic sensitivities are also taken into account.

Ear wax is a fatty substance created by sebaceous glands in the ear canal.  It's role is to transport debris from the ear canal to the outside world for removal.  It is carried along on the cells of the squamous epithelium lining the ear canal which form in the centre of the eardrum and migrate towards the outside.

The squamous epithelium of the ear canal is formed in the centre of the ear drum and travels towards the outside, taking the wax with it.  Dust and debris sticks to the wax and is transported to the outside.

Wax also protects the delicate skin of the canal against damage from water.  It is hydrophobic and so repels water, keeping the skin dry.  Prolonged exposure to water can lead to ear infections.  Ear plugs may be necessary to protect the ears against water when exposure is prolonged or repeated.

ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plugs are ideal for protecting the waxy layer lining the ear canal if you swim regularly.    They last for years and stop water entering the ear canals and are even antibacterial, killing all the bacteria known to cause ear infections.

Buy yourself a pair of ZenPlugs and keep your ear healthy for years to come.